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Justine L’Heureux ready for first season as a senior

Wednesday, 9 July 2008


It has been a strange past season for Justine L’Heureux (19). Due to an injury and an illness she missed the two most important World Cup qualification moments of the season in Canada, and as a result she failed to qualify for the World Cups. But despite these huge setbacks, she skated to some amazing results at the World Junior Championships in China, just two months later. On the brink of her first season as a senior, L’Heureux reflects on her highlights and disappointments over the past year.


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Good past season for Brittany Schussler

Sunday, 15 June 2008



Brittany Schussler looks back on a breakthrough season. Not only did she compete at her very first World Championships, but she also improved all her personal best times in the individual distances over the past year, became a regular member of the Canadian Team Pursuit team and raced to some very good results at the World Single Distances Championships in Nagano. Consequently, she looks forward to the summer, during which she hopes to lay the foundation of yet another great season.


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‘Living a healthy future’: Canadian speed skaters team up for MS Bike Tour

Sunday, 25 May 2008


On June 7-8 several Canadian speed skaters will once again participate in the MS Bike Tour, a two-day 180-km trip from Airdrie to Olds and back, to help build more awareness of Multiple Sclerosis and to raise as much money as possible for MS research. They will do so as members of Team Tazza, consisting of speed skaters as well as other athletes. Captain of this team is 22-year-old speed skater Crystal Phillips, who was diagnosed with MS herself a little over two years ago.


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Denny Morrison crowns season with world title and world record

Wednesday, 19 March 2008


This season could hardly have ended any better for Denny Morrison. At the last competition of the season he raced to a stunning new world record in the 1500m at the Olympic Oval in Calgary, and the weekend before that he won the world title in the same distance at the World Single Distances Championships in Nagano, beating other medal contenders like Sven Kramer, Shani Davis and Enrico Fabris. Back home in Calgary, Morrison reflects on his 1500m and talks about what it felt like to be crowned World Champion for the very first time.


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Martin Hersman: from speed skater to speed skating commentator

Monday, 3 March 2008


Nowadays, Martin Hersman is working as a speed skating commentator for Dutch television, but not that long ago he competed at the World Cups and managed top ten results at the World and European Championships. These experiences have given him an inside view on the speed skating world, so whom better to talk to with the World Single Distances Championships just around the corner?


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Strong family support for Denny Morrison

Saturday, 1 March 2008


Despite an ever growing fan base all over the world, it seems fair to say that among Denny Morrisonís biggest supporters are probably his brother Jay, his sister Julie and his parents Carol and Dennis. Moreover, they have known him all his life, so whom better to talk to about Dennyís rise to the speed skating top than his closest relatives?


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Good debut for Lucas Makowsky at World All-rounds



Friday, 15 February 2008


Lucas Makowsky can look back on some good results at the World All-round Championships that took place last weekend in Berlin. At what was his debut at the World All-rounds, he skated top 10 in the 1500m and placed 11th in the 500m and 14th in the 5000m. After these three distances he was placed 10th overall, but this proved to be not good enough to skate the final distance, the 10k, and consequently he finished 13th overall at the end of the competition. Back home in Canada, Makowsky reflects on last weekend and looks forward to the rest of his season.


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Clear goal for Denny Morrison at upcoming World All-rounds

Wednesday, 6 February 2008


After satisfactory performances at the World Sprint Championships in Heerenveen and a gold and bronze medal at the World Cup in Hamar a week later, Denny Morrison is looking forward to skating the World All-round Championships in Berlin this weekend. During a short break from the World Cup circuit Morrison reflects on his performances in Hamar and Heerenveen and reveals what his goal will be for the upcoming World All-rounds.


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Jeremy Wotherspoon successful at World Sprints and Hamar World Cup

Saturday, 2 February 2008


After an impressive first half of the season with gold medals at the first two World Cups, a world record in the 500m and some great performances at the Canadian Single Distances Championships, Jeremy Wotherspoon continued his good results at the World Sprint Championships and the Hamar World Cup. This weekend, Wotherspoon won’t be competing at the World Cup in Baselga di Pine, which gave him a little time to reflect on the past two weekends in Heerenveen and Hamar and to look forward to the rest of the season.


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Tyler Goff: destined to become a speed skater

Thursday, 24 January 2008


With a mother who was an Olympian in speed skating, US speed skater Tyler Goff seemed destined to end up as a speed skater too. Moreover, his grandmother competed at the Olympics as well, so it seemed just a matter of time before Goff would find his own way as an athlete. However, due to an unexpected reason, he quit speed skating for almost eight years before he gave it another try. Here’s his story so far and a brief look into his plans and goals for the future.


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Wotherspoon looking forward to skating in Heerenveen again

Wednesday, 16 January 2008


So far this season has been amazing for Jeremy Wotherspoon. After a really good pre-season and some very fast times at the Canadian World Cup Team Selection, he won all 500m’s at the first two World Cups, skated a Canadian record in the 1000m, and on top of that he raced to a new world record in the 500m. He then took a break from the World Cup circuit and instead focused on training and preparing for the Canadian Single Distances Championships, where he again managed some good results. With the World Sprint Championships just around the corner, Wotherspoon reflects on the Canadian Single Distances Championships and looks forward to the World Sprints in Heerenveen.


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Jay and Denny Morrison: sibling rivalry at Canadian Single Distances Championships?

Thursday, 10 January 2008


Brothers Jay and Denny Morrison can look back on some good results at the Canadian Single Distances Championships. Both managed to skate several new personal best times and Denny even raced to a new Canadian record in the 1500m. Moreover, in this 1500m they were paired together and eventually ended up winning the gold and silver medal. Add Jay’s new personal best time in this distance to the equation and it is obvious that this was an extraordinary 1500m. So how do the Morrison brothers look back on the last weekend of 2007 and on that 1500m in particular?


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Good results for Vincent Labrie at Canadian Single Distances Championships

Saturday, 5 January 2008


After a satisfactory first half of the season, Vincent Labrie was able to continue his good results at the Canadian Single Distances Championships in Calgary last weekend. He won a silver and a bronze medal in the 500m and raced to a new personal best time of 1:09.21 in the 1000m, which proved to be fast enough for another bronze medal. Moreover, thanks to these good results, Labrie qualified for the World Sprint Championships, which will take place in Heerenveen on January 19-20. Two weeks before the World Sprints, Labrie reflects on his first half of the season and looks forward to the competitions that are still to come.


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Wotherspoon happy about first World Cup results

Friday, 14 December 2007


After a very strong pre-season with fast times in the 500m, Jeremy Wotherspoon continued his strong comeback after a sabbatical year by winning all 500mís at the first two World Cups of the season in Salt Lake City and Calgary and improving his personal best times in the 500m and 1000m. On top that, he skated a new 500m world record. Still, he decided not to go to Europe for the remaining Fall World Cups. Back in Canada, Wotherspoon talks about his first World Cup races and looks forward to the rest of the season.


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Highs and lows for Denny Morrison at first two World Cups

Thursday, 29 November 2007


Despite the fact that we are only two World Cup weekends into the new long track speed skating season, Denny Morrison can already look back on some great highlights, like a gold medal in the 1000m. At the same time however, some of his other races were not so fortunate. With the European Fall World Cups just around the corner, Morrison talks about his most important ups and downs over the past two World Cups in Salt Lake City and Calgary.


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Upcoming season uncertain for Oliver Sundberg

Friday, 2 November 2007


Danish speed skater Oliver Sundberg can look back on a good season, which he concluded by skating new personal best times in almost every distance. In July he moved to Berlin, together with Swedish speed skating team Sweskate and Cathrine Grage, another Danish speed skater. But after a very good summer, Sundberg is now faced with an injury that may well be defining for his upcoming season. Back in Denmark Sundberg talks about his past season and shares how he looks forward to the near future.


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Jeremy Wotherspoon fast at Canadian World Cup Team Selection

Tuesday, 30 October 2007


Jeremy Wotherspoon looks back on an amazing pre-season. After taking a season off to regain his motivation for speed skating and to give his body the rest it needed, Wotherspoon continuously improved the season’s fastest time in the 500m over the past couple of weeks, leading him to a Canadian record of 34.36 at the World Cup Team Selection last weekend. On top of that, he qualified for the 1000m by skating one of the fastest times of the season thus far.


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Denny Morrison ready for upcoming season

Wednesday, 17 October 2007


After an impressive past season and a good summer Denny Morrison seems ready for the 2007-2008 season and the upcoming World Cup Team Selection. Last month he surprised the speed skating community by already skating a very fast time in the 1000m, indicating that he appears to be on track towards another good year. At the start of the new season Morrison reflects on his best distances, the 1000m and 1500m, and shares how this summer has been a better summer for him than the previous one.



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Successful long track coach Marcel Lacroix focused on here and now

Monday, 8 October 2007


It has been a great year for long track speed skating coach Marcel Lacroix. Among the speed skaters on his team are Christine Nesbitt and Denny Morrison, who won numerous medals at the World Cups and World Championships, and on top of that Lacroix is the coach of the Canadian womenís and menís Team Pursuit team, which both were successful at the World Single Distances Championships in Salt Lake City at the end of the season. Of course, these great successes create expectations when it comes to Vancouver 2010. Lacroix reflects on the past season and explains how he looks forward to the years to come.


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Nesbitt confident about future

Thursday, 4 October 2007

Long track speed skater Christine Nesbitt looks back on an impressive season. After numerous World Cup and World Championship medals she is now considered to be a definite podium candidate in the middle distances, and in that sense this past season really was a break-through season for her. With a new season just around the corner, Nesbitt reflects on this past year and looks forward to the future.

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Brittany Schussler looking forward to next season

Sunday, 30 September 2007

As a member of the Canadian World Cup team long track speed skater Brittany Schussler has had an interesting season. She started out worse than she expected after the very good summer she had, but eventually she managed to end the season skating personal best times in almost every distance, thereby showing some great potential for the years to come. 
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