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Sunday, 30 October 2011

Today, the Canadian Fall World Cup Team Selections in Calgary were concluded with the shortest and longest distances: the women’s and men’s 500m, the women’s 5000m and the men’s 10k, respectively won by Anastasia Bucsis, Jamie Gregg, Cindy Klassen and Jordan Belchos.

In the women’s 500m, Anastasia Bucsis impressed with her two first-place finishes (38.32/37.92). Especially her second 500m was remarkable, as it was a huge improvement of her personal best time of 38.64. Second was Shannon Rempel (38.50/38.44) and Tamara Oudenaarden finished third (38.83/38.76).

Bucsis reflects on today’s races: “The 500m was really fun. I didn't over think anything; I forgot about results, about who I was skating against, about what people may be thinking... I just skated because I love to skate. I love speed skating, and so I went into the race with a simple plan, told myself that that was all that mattered, and enjoyed the process. The racing was really fun! Last year I didn't have a lot of great races, and I didn't have much fun. I put too much pressure on myself to perform, so I'm definitely not taking anything for granted! I'm just very blessed to even have this opportunity!”

In the men’s 500m, Jamie Gregg finished first with two solid races (35.03/34.96). He did not win both 500m’s though. Gilmore Junio, who finished second overall, skated to the fastest time in the second 500m. His 34.78 was a big improvement of his personal best time of 35.05. Junio needed 35.27 for his first 500m. Third was Laurent Dubreuil (35.30/35.20).

After her first-place finishes in the 1000m, 1500m and 3000m earlier this weekend, Cindy Klassen also skated to the fastest time in the women’s 5000m: 7:12.34. Second was Nicole Garrido in 7:12.70 and Ivanie Blondin came in third in 7:15.08.

And finally, in the men’s 10k, Jordan Belchos’ 13.22.61 was good for a first-place finish. Stefan Waples finished second in 13:46.48 and Scott Bickerton was third in14:08.45.

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Saturday, 29 October 2011

On the third day of the Fall World Cup Team Selections in Calgary, there was another first-place finish for Cindy Klassen, this time in the 3000m. Lucas Makowsky finished first in the men’s 5000m.

After her first-place finishes in the 1000m and 1500m earlier this weekend, Cindy Klassen claimed victory once again today, in the 3000m. With her 4:08.62 she was faster than Nicole Garrido’s 4:09.93 (2nd) and Ivanie Blondin’s 4:13.91 (3rd).

Nicole Garrido, who has been training with Team CBA in Norway all summer, looks back on a successful weekend: “It's been a crazy week! The ice was not very fast this week for the races, as seen in the times, but I'm really happy with my performances and results this year. Training overseas in Norway with Team CBA has taught me a lot about my potential and myself as an athlete. Training with Peter and the team was probably one of the best decisions I have made in my skating career and I'm very excited to move forward with them leading up to the World Cups! Bring on the season!”

On the men’s side, Lucas Makowsky skated to the fastest time: 6.30.44, where Jordan Belchos needed 6:30.77 to finish second. Mathieu Giroux completed the podium with his 6:34.22.

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Friday, 28 October 2011

After their victories in yesterday’s 1000m, Cindy Klassen and Denny Morrison also finished first in the 1500m on the second day of the Fall World Cup Team Selections in Calgary.

In the women’s 1500m, Cindy Klassen crossed the finish line after 1:57.62, where Shannon Rempel needed 1:589.87 to finish second. Nicole Garrido completed the podium with her 2:00.11.

In the men’s 1500m, the podium consisted of all three members of the Vancouver Olympic gold-medal TP team. Denny Morrison finished first in 1:45.18, Lucas Makowsky came in second in 1:46.00 and Mathieu Giroux crossed the finish line after 1:46.36 to finish third.

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Thursday, 27 October 2011

This weekend, the Canadian Fall World Cup Team Selections are taking place in Calgary. Today, the long track speed skaters raced the first distance, the women’s and men’s 1000m, in which Cindy Klassen and Denny Morrison finished first.

In the women’s 1000m, Cindy Klassen stopped the clock at 1:16.67, Anastasia Bucsis came in second in 1:17.28, and Shannon Rempel finished third in 1:17.57. Christine Nesbitt did not compete today, she prequalified for the 1000m, 1500m and Team Pursuit based on last year’s World Single Distances Championships results.

Denny Morrison raced to the fastest time in the men’s 1000m. He skated a season-best time with his 1:08.67. Jamie Gregg finished second in 1:09.03, and noteworthy was the third spot on the podium, which was claimed by Lucas Makowsky, who skated his first ever 1000m at World Cup Trials (1:09.15).

On his website, Makowsky said: “I'm pretty pumped with my race today! It's the first time I've ever raced the 1000m at our World Cup Trials and I finished 3rd behind two of Canada's strongest 1000m skaters. I do have to admit that I was a little worried if my speed would be there, but I skated my fastest lap in a race today so that eliminated that worry."

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