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Friday, 31 October 2008

The first day of the Dutch Single Distances Championships saw the exact same gold medal winners as last year. In the 500m Annette Gerritsen en Jan Smeekens successfully defended their titles, and in the 5000m Sven Kramer raced to the fastest time of the day.


Annette Gerritsen was crowned Dutch champion in the 500m after winning both races in this distance (38.98 and 38.40). The silver medal was for Margot Boer, who was second twice (39.11 and 38.96), and the bronze was for Thijsje Oenema, who finished third in both 500mís (39.37 and 39.29) and makes a strong comeback after a year during which she was troubled by an illness.


Like last year, in the menís 500m the gold medal was for Jan Smeekens, who won both races (35.38 and 35.25). Simon Kuipers finished second in 35.48 (3) and 35.39 (2), and the bronze medal was for Mark Tuitert (35.46/2 and 35.51/4).


And finally, there were no surprises in the menís 5000m. In fact, not only did Sven Kramer win, like last year, but the entire podium was a copy of last yearís. Kramer raced to a new seasonís best time of 6:14.90, Carl Verheijen was second in 6:21.48 and Wouter Olde Heuvel finished third after skating a 6:23.69.


For complete results see http://www.aegonnkafstanden.nl/live-2009/nk/afstanden/content/protocol/index.asp

Friday, 31 October 2008


Speed Skating Canada announced the Canadian teams for the upcoming Fall World Cups. The following athletes have been selected. Teams for the Asian World Cups in December will be announced in the upcoming weeks.




Jeremy Wotherspoon, (Berlin)
Mike Ireland Berlin, (Heerenveen)
Vincent Labrie, (Berlin, Heerenveen)
Jamie Gregg (Berlin)
Muncef Ouardi, (Berlin, Heerenveen)
Denny Morrison, (Berlin, Heerenveen)
François-Olivier Roberge, (Berlin, Heerenveen, Moscow)
Philippe Riopel, (Berlin, Heerenveen)
Steven Elm, (Berlin, Heerenveen, Moscow)
Lucas Makowsky, (Berlin, Heerenveen, Moscow)
Jeff Kitura, (Berlin, Heerenveen, Moscow)
Justin Warsylewicz, (Berlin, Heerenveen)
Jordan Belchos, (Berlin, Heerenveen, Moscow)
Jay Morrison, (Berlin, Heerenveen, Moscow)
Alexandre Garant, (Heerenveen)
Andrew Godbout, (Moscow)




Shannon Rempel, (Berlin, Heerenveen, Moscow)
Christine Nesbitt, (Berlin, Heerenveen, Moscow)
Tamara Oudenaarden, (Berlin, Heerenveen)
Kerry Dankers, (Berlin, Heerenveen)
Brittany Schussler, (Berlin, Heerenveen, Moscow)
Kristina Groves, (Berlin, Heerenveen, Moscow)
Clara Hughes, (Berlin, Heerenveen, Moscow)
Nicole Garrido, (Berlin, Heerenveen, Moscow)




US Speedskating also announced the American teams for the Fall World Cups last week. The following athletes have been selected.




Tucker Fredricks

Brent Aussprung

Shani Davis

Chris Needham

Mike Blumel

Nick Pearson

Chad Hedrick (will skate European events only)

Trevor Marsicano

Ryan Bedford




Elli Ochowicz

Jennifer Rodriguez (will not skate in Moscow)

Heather Richardson

Lauren Cholewinski

Rebekah Bradford

Nancy Swider Peltz Jr. (will not skate in Moscow)

Catherine Raney Norman (will not skate in Moscow)

Maria Lamb (will not skate in Moscow)

Mia Manganello (will only participate in the Team Pursuit event)


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