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Friday, 14 March 2008



Denny Morrison skates new world record

After winning the gold medal in the 1500m at the World Single Distances Championships in Nagano last weekend, today Denny Morrison skated to a new world record in the same distance at the Finale competition in Calgary. He crushed the old world record of 1:42.32 shared by Shani Davis and Erben Wennemars, and raced to a new world’s best time of 1:42.01. Moreover, it was a huge improvement of his old personal best time (1:42.76).


Photo credit: DESGphoto/Lars Hagen

Sunday, 9 March 2008

This weekend, the World Single Distances Championships took place in Nagano, Japan. In the women¿s competition Germany was very successful, with three gold medals in the individual distances.


Jenny Wolf was the only woman who was able to skate two sub 38 seconders in the 500m and consequently she took the gold medal. The silver medal was for Beixing Wang, the bronze was for Annette Gerritsen.


Anni Friesinger took the gold in the 1000m as well as in the 1500m. In the 1000m the silver medal was won by Kristina Groves, third was Annette Gerritsen. The silver medal in the 1500m was for Paulien van Deutekom, the bronze was for Kristina Groves.


In the 3000m Kristina Groves took the gold medal, second was Paulien van Deutekom, third was Daniela Anschütz.


There were no surprises in the women¿s 5000m: like last year, Martina Sablikova won the gold medal. Second was Clara Hughes, third was Kristina Groves.


In the women¿s Team Pursuit the gold medal was for the Netherlands, second was Canada, third was Germany.


Noteworthy are Kristina Groves¿ results: she medaled in all five events she participated in. In the 3000m she finished first, In the 1000m and the Team Pursuit she won a silver medal, and in the 1500m and 3000m she took the bronze.


On the men¿s side it was a tie between Canada and the Netherlands when it came to the medals in the individual distances: Both countries took two gold medals.

In the 500m Jeremy Wotherspoon continued the winning spree he has been on this entire season. With a 34.78 and a 34.68 he proved to be too fast for silver medalist Kyou-Hyuk Lee (35.11 and 34.90) and bronze medalist Joji Kato (35.25 and 35.07). "I've been really happy that I've been able to stay consistently at the top this season", Wotherspoon told Speed Skating Canada. "It just confirms for me that I did the right thing last season by taking a break. I was ready to race this weekend and do things right."

Like last year, the gold medal in the 1000m was for Shani Davis. Second was Yevgeni Lalenkov and the bronze medal was for Denny Morrison.

The 1500m saw another Canadian victory when Denny Morrison raced to his first World Championship title. Second were Shani Davis and Morrison¿s pair Sven Kramer, who both finished in 1:45.32. Enrico Fabris finished fourth. "Morrison benefited from me twice on the cross-over", Kramer told the NOS. "I thought I could win the race in the last corner, but he was too fast. He's the right person to win the 1500m though. Over the past two years he missed out on a gold medal several times and today he won. He's a good skater."

Both the 5k and the 10k titles were for Sven Kramer. In the 5k he was three seconds faster than silver medalist Enrico Fabris. The bronze medal was for Wouter Olde Heuvel.

In the 10k Kramer's victory was even more impressive. Because he did not get to skate in the last pair, Kramer was forced to set a time and consequently built in a safe margin of what eventually turned out to be a 21 second lead over silver medalist Enrico Fabris, who skated in the last pair. Fabris¿ pair Bob de Jong finished third.

In the men's Team Pursuit, the gold medal was for the Netherlands, second was Italy, third was Germany.

For complete results see here.

Photo credits: DESGphoto/Lars Hagen

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Denny Morrison vs Sven Kramer in the 1500m

Friday, 7 March 2008

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First 500m Jeremy Wotherspoon, 34.68!

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