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Calgary Essent ISU World Cup from the viewer's perspective

Posted by speedskating-online on December 8, 2009 at 12:30 PM

Written by Alexandra Ianculescu, Canadian speed skater



Good morning, guten tag, buna dimineata, ciao, привет, and salut.


It is the weekend of the World Cup here in Cow-Town. Exciting, can’t you tell? After all, I AM writing this at 6:45 am. I am sitting in the stands now, watching the athletes warm-up. I have tickets for the weekend, since I am not racing but I also have accreditation. Accreditation, or to be accredited- according to google, means to be given official approval to act upon entering the oval without any trouble. Not that there is any trouble in getting in…you’d just have to wait like 3 more hours ’till the door opened.


I am sitting in the stands that are set on the main running track. I’m facing the oval and all I see it the short track rink which has no mats around since they were taken off. The hockey rink’s boards are off, and the podium is on a mat that is placed on the ice. I see Germany, China, Canada, Finland, the Netherlands US and A, Belarus, Romania, Russia, Polska, Italia and China. And Norway. There are way more teams here than I mentioned above, but like I said, I haven’t looked around too much.


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