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World Cup # 2 - Heerenveen

Posted by speedskating-online on November 20, 2009 at 12:51 PM


Written by Mykola Makowsky, Canadian speed skater


Thialf is such a great oval. Thialf is like the Saddledome for speedskating. Thialf has capacity for about 10,000+ spectators and there are 3 restaurants/bars on the main concourse overlooking the oval. The dutch go crazy and make lots of noise for A group, especially when their own are racing. The atmosphere is something else, one of a kind.


I really liked the ice at Thialf, and I became very comfortable with it. It can be difficult to adapt to different ice surfaces: not every oval is the same. During the week I worked on some technical pointers that i noticed in video from races in Berlin, and felt very confident going into the weekend. Race prep on Wednesday went very well, so I was ready.


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