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Into Africa

Posted by speedskating-online on December 13, 2008 at 5:59 AM








Written by Beorn Nijenhuis

Dutch speed skater


My parents have been educators for nigh on 4 decades. In that time they have touched the lives of thousands, maybe even tens of thousands, and inspired, taught, but most importantly empowered them. Empowered them to use their energy and their ambitions to change the world. Enlightened them to the possibility that a small nudge upon the side of this ship of humanity might change our course in the distant future immensely. My parents changed the minds of an entire generation of children where they lived, and in doing so changed the future.


And although they have left a considerable mark on the planet through their teaching, I don't think it can compare with what they are about to do. As members of VSO (Volunteer Services Overseas) they are going to embark on a journey to the heart of Africa, to encourage change and prosperity through the spread of knowledge. Their destination is Butare, in Rwanda, where they will teach the poorest and most destitute children and hopefully open a window into a new world for them. By inspiring the youth of these countries to realize the possibility for change, they might create the last best hope to end the suffering that has overcome so much of the continent.

Being busy with the task of changing the world for the better, as their son, I have taken it upon myself to document their adventure. As well as sharing my own views on the situation, I hope to write about my parents? perspectives and experiences as they teach children in one of the most forsaken and desperate corners of the world.


For more information, make sure to take a look at the Facebook group 'Into Africa ? The Nijenhuis Blog'.



Photo credits: DESGphoto/Lars Hagen

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